Anda (Ro)
Anda, Romanian, around 25 years old, 1m70, long blonde hair, pretty face, slim and athletic, small A cup, well tanned, one tattoo over her left collarbone, another one on her left wrist, no piercing.

Arrived this week, she worked before around Düsseldorf, mainly Acapulco Gold, for 6 years. Sits on E5, face to the pole dance.

In the main room very interesting discussion, she explained the misadventure that made her work in Sharks and that it will be a very short stay, she wants to quit FKKs, even Germany.

In the bedroom, no kissing (it's an extra, she told me in the main room), okay BJ, nice sex in all the usual positions. You can touch and play with all her body, but no kissing of her nipples, she said that she's too ticklish there. I felt after the 20 minutes mark that it started to be too long for her, but she stayed nice until the end. Even if she stay, probably no repeat for me.

100€ for 30 minutes.
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