7/18/21 Palace Visit
Went to Palace for the first time after a disappointing visit to Oase day before. Julia at Oase destroyed my dick, in a bad way, with a terrible "dick massage." Maria made my first experience even worse with demanding I finish 5 minutes into a 1 hour session. Maybe Palace would be better?

At Palace I spot Tina, Bulgarian, the one the forum raves about and, can confirm, everything good said about her is true. Great experience, paid her 50+20 tip for 30 minutes because I was so happy to have a decent service. 

Next was a girl named Candy, RO, 19, 1.70m, blonde and the prettiest girl there (in my opinion). She offers finger/kissing for 30 extra. Her pussy was very tight and nice and I paid 130 Euro für 60 Minuten. Very much worth it. Her BJ skills are top notch even if it is covered and she looks great on top. I fucked her in cowgirl, missionary, and doggy. Kisses a bit weak but still okay.

Face: 9/10
Body: 10/10, her body is like a models
BJ: 8/10
Service: 9/10
Overall: 9/10 would be a 10/10 but its hard to compete with Tina.

Would suggest these two if you visit Palace. Tina is known to be great but Candy isn't talked about. Candy is very pretty and gives great service plus is young and tight. Great body.
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(20.07.2021, 10:55)zedlea123321 schrieb: ...
Next was a girl named Candy, . She offers finger/kissing for 30 extra. ...Her BJ skills are top notch even if it is covered .... I fucked her in cowgirl, missionary, and doggy. Kisses a bit weak but still okay.
Service: 9/10

Thanks for the nice overview report about your little advantures at Oase and Palace.
But I can't follow you how you get to 9 out of 10 points for Candy's service based on your explanation.
You also experienced Tina's service level...so in comparison Tina would get 18 of 10 points!?  Grübel
...alles kann, nichts muss...
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Well I think the different between an 9/10 and 10/10 is much harder to jump from than, say, 5/10 to 6/10. A 10/10 is perfect and it’s pretty much impossible to get it but I gave Tina a 10/10 because she’s the best out there.

I also consider service the general attitude. If they’re trying somewhat and aren’t complaining about how you need to finish after 3 minutes that’s really good as far as girls attitude goes. She was also pretty good in bed in a way I was happy with.
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Dafür gibt es doch den ausführlichen Bericht. Hat zedlea doch gut beschrieben und du kannst da deine eigenen Schlüsse raus ziehen.

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Also tried out Candy (Ro) these days and I agree that she has a stunner body. She says she only works on weekends. Came in relatively late, past 9pm. Was wearing black shiny corset, which really caught ones eyes. Her body reminds me a bit of Margot Robbies' in Wolf of Wall Street in that one scene where she's having sex with diCaprio/ lying naked on the bad, just a tad skinnier and taller.

Face wise she's not quite my type since she looks a bit like a young Brandi Love, especially the lower portion of her face. Kind of big/ longish.

Room experience was below average for me, since she only does covered BJ and doesn't feel natural, takes a blocking stance when having sex and also had some weird facial expressions during, which irritated the heck out of me. Might be better for a longer session or with kissing, which she offers for 50E extra, but I highly doubt it since she doesn't seem very experienced. I paid 50E+20 for an extra, which is normally included with other girls.

So slightly different rating from me:

Candy (Ro), FOB
Face: 5
Body: 9.5
BJ: 3, uninspiring
Sex: 2
Tightness: 7.5
Service/ Effort: 3 & 6
Overall: 7, just because of that stunner body
Repeat: Yes, short session, cause I'm a sucker for the young skinny teen bodies Wink Couldn't take my eyes of her the rest of the nightBig Grin  

Also, zimmered with a German Fiona, 19, 165, blonde, skinny, A cups, from the border between Hessen and Bavaria. Face is cute, but her chin is protruding a bit forward. Was wearing a stringy black garter belt with one hoop one each side, which weere around her upper legs. Ok room, interesting BJ with licking of the frenulum, but uninspiring performance both during oral and sex. Paid 50 plus 50 for one extra.

Fiona, German Teenie, FOB
Face: 4
Body: 7.5, pale, S
Kiss: Baby kisses
BJ: 6
Sex: 4
Tightness: 7.5
Service/ Effort: 8 & 10
Overall: 6
Repeat: Nah, but she's a pleasant conversationalist (in German) and other Germans seem to enjoy her.

Also saw a brunette Lara, 20s, slim body, B cups, new in club, sitting in front of DJ pult. Bodywise just my type, face seems more mature. Might try out next time.
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Thank you for your report, MilknCoke.

Did Fiona say which days she is there?
Either she didn't specify or I can't remember but just to be sure I would try Friday to Sunday.
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Thank you for the report - I am also a sucker for slim Eastern European girls Smile Will look out for her when I am at the club.