Emy (RO) 24
Last Sunday I was again at the Shark. I arrived before 14 so I only paid 50 to enter.

The situation was very quiet so I took my time to eat, drink, and relax.

I was approached by 2 girls, one at the bar but I don't remember their name, and the other when I was sitting on a sofa, the name Fabiana, but I refused to go in the room.
So, I was at the bar and I saw a little blonde sitting on a high chair, I liked the baby face but during the interview, I had a red light when I asked about kissing and she said "Let's try". Just there I had to bounce her and look for someone else, but "my little friend " wanted to play.
I agreed and we went to the room, BIG MISTAKE!
After 2 kisses, she stopped and said "We tried", then she tried to make me pay extra for a service that any girl has  as inclusive, blowjob for 30 seconds,   I had to beg for a second position, too much fake moans and too chatty, I barely keep the erection because she always breaks the atmosphere.
When I finished I paid 100 for 30 minutes.
Would I recommend her? Not at all!
Would I repeat with her? Hell NO!

My friend went with a girl named Maya, with a tattoo on her left leg, and was satisfied.

I hope next time to have a more positive review, goodbye!
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Is this Ami? I had a room with her too. I really liked her but I can see why some people would find her service below their standard.
What service did u get? How much did u pay? Details will help.
(03.09.2023, 20:58)Stuart schrieb: What service did you get? How much did u pay? Details will help.

I did 30 minutes for 100 with Ami. To me she is one of the cutest girls in the club with a personality to match. I told her she looks American (I'm from Canada and she definitely looks more Western European). She said that's the first time she has heard that. Although her body is not as slim as other girls she's so cute that it didn't really matter. 

She doesn't really kiss so don't go with her if you expect that. I got BJ in 2 different positions and it was decent (I like to change positions sometimes). Sex in multiple positions was good if not spectacular. I was having difficulty finishing so she was very accommodating and tried her best to get me to finish. No hesitation about changing positions. Unfortunately due to her being my second room and my age it didn't happen but I still really enjoyed the session. But to me attitude and personality are more important than anything else. I've been to Sharks twice and Ami was the only girl I would want to hang out with outside of sex.

She told me she is going home for a few weeks so I will miss her but otherwise I would have definitely seen her again.
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From your description I think is the same Emy I went and she also told me she was going on holidays for few weeks.
I'm happy for you if you had good service with her, but with me was less then average, I will not repeat with her for sure.
Ah I forgot to mention in my previous post that me and my friend were approached by Silvana, and she was too pushy and intrusive.
A question for you experts: the Ukrainian girls still coming to Shark or not?
Mittwoch den 30.8.2023 war Rita da. Ist noch niemand aufgefallen dass das Datum nicht stimmt in Post 6323.

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Thank you @Nymphboy?
As far I understood, Rita only works week days?
I never tried a Ukrainian, the reviews are good, I'm so curious to try a room with one of them, if they still there?
It's certainly still there, but I didn't see she the last time I was in the club.
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Endlich konnte ich den Zimmergang mit der blonden Emy zuordnen. Keine Ahnung ob sie auch in anderen Berichten mit ähnlichem Namen auftaucht. Hier passt die Beschreibung am besten.
„Babyface“ passt gut. Hübsches Gesicht, schöner Body mit süßen A-Cups und weiche Haut. Außerdem ist sie im Vorgespräch sehr sympathisch. Das waren meine Gründe für einen Zimmergang, denn den Umfang haben wir nicht besprochen, da die Chemie zu passen schien.
Auf dem Zimmer erlebte ich dann leider eine negative Überraschung. Kaum Küsse zu bekommen, keine spürbare Nähe, blasen nur 5 cm Tiefe möglich und ficken ging auch nicht wirklich, da Schwanz zu groß.
Hab dann in der Missi beendet und hab ihr meine Unzufriedenheit klargemacht. Seitdem geht sie mir bewusst aus dem Weg. Besser so!

Fazit: Totalausfall mit 100 Euro für 30 Minuten Geldvernichtung!
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Hier nun mein erster Beitrag in diesem Forum.
Am Wochenende war ich wieder mal im Sharks und war mit Emy zum zweiten Mal im Zimmer. Sie ist wirklich hübsch und sehr freundlich.
Vom ersten Mal her wusste ich, dass sie Mühe mit grossen Schwänzen hat. Vollständiges Eindringen war nicht möglich.

Da ich aber auf schöne CDL stehe habe ich sie dieses Mal wieder gebucht für 45 Minuten / 150 EUR. Der Blowjob war Standard. Dieses Mal bin ich dann zuerst langsam vorgegangen und habe sie auch nachher nur soft gefickt. Wiederholter Stellungswechsel war dann kein Problem und sie hat keinen Zeitdruck gemacht. Nachher noch einen kurzen Smalltalk, sie kann recht gut Englisch.
Fazit: Für einen wilden Ritt und heftigen Sex ist sie gar nichts. Wenn man aber auf soften Optikfick steht und freundliche CDL mag, ist sie durchaus empfehlenswert.
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