Earlier this week for the first time I bumped into Sabrina from Ghana on the stairs leading to the whirlpools. Despite her suggestions about taking a room I told her I was on empty after doing too many rooms and had made a big mistake the previous room when due to tiredness I just couldn’t finish.

Of course as with all the ladies Sabrina was positive she could “do something for me” but although she gave me all the answers I had heard hundreds of times before she intrigued me and the more I spoke to her the more engaged I became.
Her constant natural smile and manner was a bit of a turn on and of course not forgetting her piecing eyes, big bust and a round shapely bum. I still didn’t take her bait but she didn’t give up and began fondling me under my robe while we were still standing half way up the stairs. To my enormous surprise I became rock hard which gave her more evidence that she would be successful in the room.

As I really liked her I thought what the hell i would blow 100€ for 30 minutes just to spend some time with her, besides it was nearly midnight and the smoke and noise in the club was driving me mad.
Sabrina accepted the 30 minutes offer providing a sensual experience and would do all the work on my exhausted body.

Once in the room and the bed sheets were sorted Sabrina came to me while I was sitting on the chair and started playing with me using her arse and then we moved to the bed where tongue kisses were unrestrained. Despite my tiredness not only was I still aroused but probably i was harder than I had been all day as Sabrina gave body kisses then moved to a sloppy BJ which was delivered perfectly, just the right pressure with plenty of teasing.

As the report is rambling I will speed it up. 
Halfway through the booking I said i would extend to an hour if I remained hard as I was confident I wouldn’t still be able to stay this way…..but I was wrong. I had an amazing b2b with loads of oil, sex in two positions, 69, further BJ and deep kisses along with playing with her gorgeous arse and tits. 
The booking finished after two hours and 6CE and I was completely dumbfounded how I had lasted the whole two hours.

Sabrina was smiley and friendly throughout, she delivered exactly what she said she would do, I thought it was one of the best sessions I’ve had this year at Sharks. No pushing for extras, no fear of contact and has for me the perfect shapely body which she didn’t mind me exploring.

Sharks has a number of poor and average performing women but there are still quite a few decent providers if you’re careful with your selections but when you find a gem and you gel well together it makes visiting a club so worthwhile.
My only regret will be if Sabrina isn’t working at Sharks when I next visit.
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So how are we supposed to find Sabrina? Apart from being black…
I didn’t ask where she normally sits, i did say to her I hadn’t seen her about that day and she replied that she had arrived late at the club.

However when I left at around 3.45am she was sitting on the rondel as she came over to me to say goodbye. Whether this is her usual spot I really don’t know.
You didn't get my hint: I was asking for a description of Sabrina: Age, height, body, hair, breasts etc. You know the procedure.
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Large fake breasts which looked and felt good, wavy shoulder length dark hair, solid butt and dark smooth skin.
Can’t remember any obvious tattoos, I was so captivated by her eyes and smile.

Age i find is always difficult to judge, late twenties at a guess but possibly early thirties.
I am however positive she has been in the business a while as no one new to the profession can be that good.
Height without shoes? What about her clothes size?