Madagascar -- pourquoi pas?
Ich bin n' Neuer hier - aber nicht sonstwo. War schon ueberall wos's was zum Ficken gibt. Finde die Berichte hier Super. Aber beim stoebern faellt mir auf, dass es nix ueber Mada gibt. Woran liegt das? War da etwa noch niemand?

Nach 4 mal dort (teiweise mehr als 1 Monat auf "Montage") ist es fuer mich ein top-ziel mit allen Pro's und wenigen Contras.
Pro ist:
Die Maedels ein super mix zwischen Indonesieren und Afrikanern sind: also weniger dicke Aersche aber gute Titten
Die Maedles keine grosse Abzocke wie in Kenia machen sondern die das Freundin gefuhel vermitteln.
Die Preise pro Nacht so zwischen 10 und 30 EU liegen
De Ausgaben fuer Hotel, Essen, trinken pro Tag im vernuenftigen Hotel kaum 50 EU ueberschreiten.
Essen mit Franzoesischem Einschlag - super
Naturparks sehenswert. Strande unendlich, Tauchen klasse.
Contra ist:
Du musst Franzoesich koennen -- ich meine sprechen
Mada is gross - 2000 km nord-sued. Transport ist entweder primitiv (taxi brousse) oder teuer: 1 Flugsektor domestik ca 170 EU einfach.
Flug nach Mada teuer: Via Paris so um die 1000 Eu/rtn
Security : watch your back, aber nicht so schlimm wie in Sued-Amerika.

Wollt ihr mehr wissen? dann schreibe ich gerne.
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Madagaskar, Ist da überhaupt was los, Discos, Bars wo kann man da Kontakte knüpfenden? Wie ist die Politische Lage im Land.
Grüße Rico
Aber klar doch! Her mit den Berichten von "... ueberall wos's was zum Ficken gibt." Auch andere FFBs (Fern-Fick-Berichte) sind hier gerne gesehen.

Madagascar ist ein sehr interesaantes Land, mir hat der ethnische Mix dort sehr gut gefallen, aber leider habe ich da Einreiseverbot. Dodgy

Pikashu [Bild: tr0n.gif]
Is everything clear as mud now?
I spent a lot of my money on booze, birds
and nice cars. The rest I just squandered.
(09.05.2012, 06:15)Biglover schrieb: Madagaskar, Ist da überhaupt was los, Discos, Bars wo kann man da Kontakte knüpfenden? Wie ist die Politische Lage im Land.
Grüße Rico

Hi Rico!

Schön, dass Du einen Beitrag geliefert hast. Sogar mit Fragezeichen gekennzeichnet! Aber was ist den bei Dir so los? Wo, wen, wie fickst Du denn so. Lasse uns teilhaben und schreibe doch einmal einen Fickbericht. Hier steht, wie es geht und was Du sonst noch so beachten solltest.

Pikashu Winke
Is everything clear as mud now?
I spent a lot of my money on booze, birds
and nice cars. The rest I just squandered.
(09.05.2012, 03:48)Nasoowas schrieb: Wollt ihr mehr wissen?
Mais oui! Winke

greetz und welcum unter den Schreibern >> backstage
Anzeige: Suche Frau für alles Schöne im Leben! Fahre Dich anschließend auch heim ...
(09.05.2012, 06:41)backstage schrieb:
(09.05.2012, 03:48)Nasoowas schrieb: Wollt ihr mehr wissen?
Mais oui! Winke

greetz und welcum unter den Schreibern >> backstage

DITO ... immer her damit ;-)

Na dann will ich mal.....

Ich hoffe hier im FernFickAbteil spricht doch jeder Englisch. Ich will mal meinen Reisebericht von 2010 in Englisch reinstellen. Wer's auf Deutsch braucht, bitte in Google-Translator uebersetzen. Details zur aktuellen Situation, wie Fluege, Hotels, Transport und wo die Torten zu finden sind, kommt dann spaeter. Vorab der Wechselkurs zum Verstaendnis: 10.000 MGA = 3,70 Eu

Nun denn, viel Spass beim lesen:

There are few experiences that can match entering a remote Malagasy village at dusk to the sound of Rasta music played on old-fashioned instruments accompanied with a lyrical chorus of voices. Despite their everyday hardships and adversity, rural Malagasy have to be some of the most cheerfully optimistic and upbeat people. And, where else in the world can you go where your passing in a car will elicit genuine, non-hostile excitement with smiling faces, waving hands, and cheerful shrieks of Bonjour vazaha! ("hello foreigner") in virtually every village?
Despite offering fantastic and wonderful attractions, Madagascar is not a destination for all visitors. Madagascar remains a desperately poor country. 100.000 MGA’s (35 Euro) is the typical monthly income of a worker. Jobless rate is high. Few people speak English and the infrastructure is in a state of total disrepair in much of the country. Nor is the country inexpensive for tourists as imported goods are heavily taxed and financing for resorts is done on overseas financial markets with high interest rates.
The air was crispy clear this night after a heavy downpour. 8 hours in a packed plane from tropical Bangkok full of Chinese contract workers, Hasso von Guttenberge was freezing when stepping outside Antananarivo airport at 1:00 at night. The waiting driver from Tana hotel ushered him into the warm abode of his car.
Back to Madagascar after a year’s break. Hasso stretched his old legs and closed his eyes, dozing off.
Like To Move It Move It
I Like To Move It Move It
I Like To Move It Move It
All Girls All Over The World
I Love How All The Girls A Move Their Body
And When Ya Move Ya Body
Uno Move It
Nice And Sweet And Sexy Alright!
Woman! Ya Nice
Broad Face
And Ya Nice Hip
Make Man Flip And Bust Them Lip

Like To Move It Move It
I Like To Move It Move It
I Like To Move It Move It
“Monsieur, nous sommes arrivés à l'hôtel Tana” 
Its show time.

Play the Dating Game
Christiana lives nearby. During their earlier e-mail exchange  Hasso invited her to join him for breakfast at the hotel. Well dressed and on time she stepped on her high heels into the coffee shop: one kiss to the left one to the right and again one to the left cheek. It’s not a real baiser but more a blow. Style. She got it.
Conversation was flowing with a mix of English and French. Later in his room the talk on job, family, life was going on and they got closer. But before it gets naughty,  Hasso as a gentlemen wanted to allow Christiana some time off. She was hot. He could feel it. But he had to run errands, go to an ATM, call Mad Air..
He left her trustfully in his room. Back an hour later Hasso took it easy. Christiana is a young lady with education and a job. Not a pute. They spent the afternoon watching TV, kissing, hugging – until finally the heat was breaking loose: her wonderful perky tits were allowed to free themselves out from a B-cup bra. Her silky skinned body was stretching on the bed, just covered by the sunlight peeping through the curtains. The feast on the thick brush could begin and Hasso went down on her in flames like the Red Baron on his final attack.
Next morning Monsier von Guttenberg got a call. Hasso set up this break-loose system earlier: a call back number from his operator sounds as if a business partner is calling him. It’s a perfect excuse to leave without hurting anyone’s feeling. Your men called up for important business is a valuable asset. Let him go now and catch up later with him again. Christiana left after a late breakfast, a happy glow on her face, with kisses, 60.000 MGAs for shopping quietly dropped into her pocket and a promise to be back as soon as Hasso finished his other duties.

On the side of the Street where the Sun never shines.
Er stand auf seines Daches Zinnen,
Er schaute mit vergnügten Sinnen
Auf das beherrschte Samos hin.
»Dies alles ist mir untertänig,
Sprach er zu Ägyptens König,
Gestehe, dass ich glücklich bin.«
This came to Hasso’s mind leaning out of the window from Sole Hotel, looking at the busy streetcorner two floors below. His hotel was the perfect located to explore the sleazy life, the street urchins. After that night of attraction with a wonderful classy girl, he broke free and changed the scene. The hotel is just 5 minutes by cab from the Tana Hotel but in a different world. It’s the area where office clerks squeezing into the taxi-brousse to get home after their 5.-EU day job. It’s crowded, it’s filled with simple restaurants and roadside stalls selling all the cheap Chinese imported stuff no one really needs..
Dressed in his shorts, T shirt and Croq’s, he wandered around. It took less then 10 minutes and a girl on a phone-card stand was asking>
“Monsieur, a cadeaux sil vous plait”
“Ok, fait l amour?”
“HiHi, oui….”
..and she followed him back to is hotel. No further question asked, down to the dirty game, she dropped her jeans and shirt immediately and went for the hot shower. Her full but sagging breasts gave Hasso a hard on. Out from the shower, she gripped his dick and started a juicy suck. They played for an hour an exhausting game. Hasso put 10.000 MGA’s in her hand and she left, asking at the door if she can return later.
After dinner at the Sakamanga Restaurant, watching all the French Expats with their black beauties, Hasso had to get off steam soon. Walking back to the hotel along the dimly lit roads, there was an oversupply of putes: young ones, big ones, old ones, ugly ones. He ended up talking to a group of young girls> one of them could speak some French and acted as an interpreter. The basic question was the price. Hasso pulled out his hand phone and keyed in “5000”. They all didn’t look happy. Then he changed it into “8000” – and there was an accepting smile on the face of the younger one. Here we go. Excellent 2 hours spent. Hasso was almost game to keep her longer. But he also needed to catch some sleep and perhaps go for another one early in the morning. 
Through the open window some noise of chattering from the road came in his room and woke him up. 4:00 in the morning. He looked out and could see a group of girls having their supper on the roadside. He got dressed to check it out. They greeted him to join. What they eat he could not recognize. But he could see in the dimly lit place that one of the girls wearing a tudung was quite endowed. He just gave her a smile and a whisper: “fait l amour?” She nodded, stopped eating and both crossed the road back into Hasso’s room. She stayed until sunrise at 6:00. It was time for Hasso to catch a cab to the airport to fly to Diego Suarez.
The Waitress
Town centre of Diego Suarez at lunchtime resembles the scenery at old western movie High Noon: hot, dusty, locked shutters and Hasso as the lone cowboy exploring this shithole. A pub with some French expats sipping on their Pasties was the only busy place. He ordered his lunch and the waitress asked him in English:
“You are not French. Where you from”
During that hour he spent at the pub, the waitress appeared prettier – although she only got small tits – normally not attractive to Hasso. He is a boobies-man. But he thought a tight pussy can do well in the afternoon by fucking her from the back. When he settled his bill, he noted down his hotel and room number and slipped it to the waitress. She returned him a smile of acceptance. be continued
Es bedanken sich: Elmar2000,Hornet75
Part 2:

An hour later, Hasso was lazing in the air-con cooled room after the hot exploration through town, the receptionist was calling:
“You have a guest here, Ms Adriana, but she does not have money to pay the taxi”
“OK, come up, I give you the 1000 MGA’s”
5 min later another call:
“Ms Adriana does not have an ID. I can’t let her go up to your room” the winching voice of the apparently gay receptionist was telling me.
“Send her back home”
“She will go back and get it and then come again. But the taxi is again 2000 MGA’s. Is it ok?”
Well…yes…just hurry up and lets fuck.. That is what Hasso thought.
Another 20 min and she finally appeared at his room. Not much of foreplay – straight into the shower and back on the white linen. Her tiny boobs sported large nipples but her pussy was shapely trimmed. Adriana didn’t allow Hasso to have a slurp at the pouting lips of her vagina but stroke his cock and guided it sans capote into a tight wet hole of pleasure. After a couple of strokes Hasso wanted to change position.
“Oh mon dieu, vous avez votre période”

His dick was stained with blood. He ushered her to the shower to clean up. His desire was gone. The mood was cooling down. Once Adriana was dressed, he slipped her 10.000 MGAs’ into her pocket just to let a volcano of Malagasy words erupt. Her reasonable knowledge of English disappeared. The only word Hasso could understand was “cinquantemille” “je ne suis pas un pute”
50.000 MGA’s that bitch wanted for the coitus interruptus and she didn’t want to leave the room either. It became a somewhat heated discussion. Finally Hasso called the front desk to clear matters out. The receptionist appeared and asked her to follow her to the manager’s office. Just 5 minutes later the gay boy came back and explained in flowery words that Adriana wants to call the police as it was earlier agreed to pay her 50.000. No way Jose, was Hasso thinking. There was never any discussion on money. 10.000 MGA should be good enough for that bloody bitch. Gay Boy was not eager to re-negotiate the fee. He offered as compromise to write a note, signed by Adriana with her full name and ID number, that she received 50.000 MGA’s for “ indéterminée des services”. Hasso wanted it to be changed into “inachevée des services” what means unfinished business, hoping her French is not that advanced, gave another 40.000 to Gay Boy and really got 10 minutes later this document.
First Hasso thought just to move on to greener pastures. So many Pussies to fuck here. But then, on his way later that evening for dinner, he stopped by the pub, saw the French manager sitting alone at the bar:
“Monsieur, your waitress is a cheating whore” and with that word Hasso dropped the note into his hands. 
He read through, once, twice……
“Adriana!” he was calling through the pub. The bitch appeared, looked at Hasso knowing it’s not really good to see him here. An avalanche of Malagasy words followed and Adriana slowly walked into the back of the room.
“Sorry M sir. May I offer you a drink?”
Hasso ordered a Pasties to show his appreciation of French lifestyle.
“What did you talk to Adriana?”
“I knew she is a pute. But I don’t want to employ cheating waitresses. She got fired”
Hasso sipped his Pasties, a little smirk on his face. The evening got off with a better start then the afternoon ended.
Where is the Action?
Everyone has his preference on action time: Hasso is not actually a night owl. He preferred to be at 10:00 in the sack with a cuddly warm body next to him. The pickings at Nuevo Disco were slim at that time. But one girl with a shy smile, sitting alone, attracted him. He waved her over to his table. Larissa paid her drinks first to the waiter, what made her already a keeper in Hasso’s eyes. They quickly settled the terms, 40.000 for the night, and off they went to his hotel.
The gay receptionist was nodding to him and whispering:
“Monsieur, this girl looks much better then the one in the afternoon”

Larissa did all what’s on the menu. In the morning she was clinging and it was hard for Hasso to clean the corral. But with a vague promise to call her at the evening, she finally left. He was expecting Miss Noono to come
Miss Noono
The minute god created boobs (Noonos) all of mans innocence went down the drain and thus began the age of boobs where women could get anything they want by showing cleavage or flashing men. (Oscar Wilde)
Noono did write excellent letters in English. For Hasso it was easy to communicate with her by e mail. She said to be a student, 20 years, had a Malagasy BF but he found another girl to be better. The pictures Noono sent were showing a reserved looking girl with an enormous cleavage. Why the heck a normal guy could send off that Dolly Parton of Madagascar?
They met at the in-place of Diego: the Patisserie of the Grand Hotel. It’s the place where all the expats meet for cafe au lait to dip in warm croissants and discuss the world until lunch when the sun gets too hot. As soon Noono stepped out of the taxi, all guys glared at her. Tight white jeans and a T shirt filled with 2 D cup melons. Monsieur von Guttenberge stood up: Hey, guys, that’s my prey… Once sitting down it became complicated to talk. Nono’s English was apparently the result of Google Translator and her French was mixed with as many Malagasy words to complicate matters. Over lunch both agreed that Noono shall go back home to ask for permission from her mom to come along with Hasso the next couple of days to Ramada beach, 40 km north off Diego. She is a good girl. And shy, not to say introvert.
Before sunset she was back at Hasso’s hotel ready with a big bag for an oversea trip. He just stored her bag in the room and then invited her for dinner at the hotel restaurant. Sitting at the bar, the chef was helping as translator with the difficult conversation. Both enjoyed the meal and there was at the end no hesitation for Noono to follow him upstairs. They relaxed on the bed, watching TV and Hasso took it easy not to grab the melons immediately. Hey baby can you push them away a bit. I can’t see the TV…
Slowly both got sleepy but Noono was not eager to go for a shower and change into something light for the night. Hasso was in the state of bursting but still holding his horses back. Another hour, she was sleeping besides him, fully dressed. He switched on the light:
“Noono, if you like to sleep alone in your dress, then please not here. Then it is better for you to go back home”
She looked bewildered. She simply didn’t want to get undressed. But then, she wanted to stay. Finally, after another hour, she gripped the towel and locked herself into the bathroom. Back in the room she closed all curtains, switched off the TV and lights. Even the blue bulb of the mosquito-lamp was too bright for her. Once it was pitching dark, she slipped under the blanket to waiting Hasso. He could slowly take off her tightly fitted towel and finally feel those very firm hooters. Never had he before so firm balls of that size in his palms. Bigger ones yes, but then they had a softer grip. Those 2 pyramids could stand by themselves without any steel structure to support them from dropping.
Noono did not make efforts to play with Hasso’s growing dick and was not pleased with too much touching. To get it done then, he climbed on her and slipped his dick into a very tight but not too wet pussy. The tightness did make him cum fast. But as soon as she felt it, she towed the blanket over her body and rolled on the side, not allowing any more contact for Hasso.
Next morning Hasso gave it another try. She kept her body covered, didn’t allow any kissing or touching. Frustrating. A starfish. It was not what he expected from Dolly Parton. At breakfast he tried to find out why she is so hesitant of any body contact or caressing.  Her only reply was:
“Je suis comme ca..”
For Hasso it was now clear why the BF left her for another gal. Noona had apparently a phobia because of her big tits. She thought all guys just want that 2 bombs – which are correct – and they don’t want me. Hasso was not in the mood to invest time and efforts to show her otherwise. He decided to cut it short. He told her, that the scooter he could rent can carry 1 person only and once he is back they will meet here again. Not an easy task. Some tears were flowing. But a couple of cadeaux like a red nightie and a nice watch he bought in Singapore made her believe on his promise to return.
Will he??
Scary nights
In 2008 Madagascar's electricity production was 940 million kWh: a medium size town in Germany has a similar consumption as this whole island. There is not electrical grid. Only larger towns do have a working power system. Resorts run diesel generators at peak times. But with the fuel price of 1, 70 EU/litre they only run it for some few hours in the evening.
That Hasso remembered in his pitch dark room at the small resort on white sand Sakalava Bay north of Diego. He could not sleep despite his 2 hour ride from Diego on a motorbike to the deserted resort. Then having a tasty grilled fish with half a litre of South African Chardonnay for dinner and a “beer for the road” later. It was scary, alone lying on the big bed with a mosquito net covered. There is no bar, no entertainment except the soothing sound of waves 20 m in front of his bungalow.
“Excuse moi….” A whisper from a shadow outside.
“Ello m’sieur…”
Who is that? What time is it? He tried to see the numbers on his watch dial. Its only 11:00 at night. He stepped outside. There was the guard standing with a big grin on his face:
“Pourquo vous dormir seul? Voulez une fille?” be continued
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Daumen hoch 
[Bild: smilie_w_010.gif]

Beifall Beifall Beifall Ganz großes Kino, mein Lieber und dazu noch Pulitzer-Preis-verdächtig.

Endlich wieder einmal ein unterhaltsamer und intelligenter Beitrag im Auslandsforum.

Und keine Sorge, solange Du über Paysex schreibst, darfst Du das in jeder Sprache tun, auch wenn ich in leichter Abwandlung antworten möchte:

"Fürwahr, ich muß dich glücklich schätzen!
Doch," spricht er, "zittr' ich für dein Heil.
Mir grauet vor der User Neide;
Des Lebens ungemischte Freude
Ward keinem Irdischen zu Theil."

Liebe Grüße!
Pikashu Wink, der sich schon auf die Fortsetzung freut
Is everything clear as mud now?
I spent a lot of my money on booze, birds
and nice cars. The rest I just squandered.
Vielleicht erst mal n' paar Fotos zur Aufmunterung:[attachment=7549]     [attachment=7551] be continued

fsk16, 2 Bilder entfernt - bitte keine Primären Geschlechtsorgane ... , lw
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Aufgemuntert bin ich jetzt schon, aber zumindest das dritte Bild wird nicht lange zu sehen sein. Dodgy

(30.04.2012, 15:22)Pikashu schrieb: Du kannst Bilder und Videos der Girls einstellen, solange die den Regeln der FSK entsprechen. Also keine primären Geschlechtsteile (Vagina, Penis, Anus) und keine eindeutigen sexuellen Handlungen zeigen.

Du kannst jedoch alles Material einstellen, wenn Du es extern hostest und nur verlinkst. Das sieht dann so aus: Sarah - externer link Wichtig dabei ist, dass eben nur der link zu sehen ist und nicht das Bild/Video.

Eine andere Methode ist ein externer Speicher in der Cloud. Ein Beispiel ist hier: Pikashu's Storage Dazu richtest Du Dir den kostenlosen Speicher auf ein, lädst das Material hoch und richtest einen Gast Account ein. Der Vorteil ist, dass Du Videos und Bilder einfach einstellen kannst. Ausserdem hast Du die Kontrolle und kannst die Bilder später einfach löschen. Videos kannst Du aber auch bei einer der vielen Porno-Video-Seiten hochladen und dann hier verlinken.

Danke für die Motivation am frühen Morgen!
Pikashu [Bild: tr0n.gif]
Is everything clear as mud now?
I spent a lot of my money on booze, birds
and nice cars. The rest I just squandered.
Na dann will ichs nochmal versuchen. Ihr sollt ja nicht darben:

login in ist: mada@nasoowas
password ist: lusthaus

Wenn das zu kompliziert ist, kann ich das auch auf "myalbum" stellen
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was für ne geile Hautfarbe SabberSabberSabber

sieht ja Klasse aus

vor etlichen Jahren, wäre ich fast mal da hingeflogen, Problem war damals eine Art Bürgerkrieg, da hatte ich mich dann Richtung Karibik und Brasilien orientiert, jetzt kann ich Spanisch und etwas Portugisischm jetzt nochmal Französisch lernen?
wie kommt man denn mit Englisch und Spanisch dort weiter?
..und weiter gehts.

“Pourquo vous dormir seul? Voulez une fille?”
Ohh, that’s Sakalava Resort room service. Great! Yes, let’s see whats on offer. Hasso remembered seeing some chamber maids in the afternoon, cleaning the bungalows. They smiled and waved at him at that time. May be they are the only “filles” at this remote place the guard is talking about?
5 minutes later 2 shadows appeared at the side of the bungalow. He could recognize in the dimly moonlight one of the maids with the guard. Coming closer, he could see her shy smile. She was not old but life grooved some early wrinkles on her face.
Not many words were exchanged and the girl followed Hasso into his room. She knew the outlay too well from the daily cleaning duties, headed for the shower and returned naked to join him under the mosquito net. Now the night was no longer scary with a soft body beside him and a caressing hand stroking his growing dick.
2 hours later after some exhausting “fait l amour” she got dressed to be back to her simple room at the staff quarters. Hasso slipped 10.000 MGA’s as cadeaux into her pocket and she left silently with a kiss as a shadow like she came.
With her smell still on the pillow, he was digging his nose in, falling soon into a deep sleep.

Never ending Climax
On his scooter Hasso was cruising through Ramala, a fishermen’s town along a shallow white beach.
“Helo m’sieur, ou vous allez?”
2 girls giggling at him. A short introduction that he just drove from Sakalava Bay and will stay here for a day or more. That was good enough to exchange phone numbers with the promise to call later.
He checked into the only larger bungalow hotel with a pool and a stunning view over the bay. It was lunchtime when he texted his bungalow number and received immediately one response:
“Attende sur moi, cherie”
Claire arrived 15 minutes later. She was the older one of the 2 girls. She could speak some English and settled on the terrace of his bungalow. Yes, she will stay with him as long as he likes. Yes, she has a job as a waitress but her friend (the other girl) will replace her. Apparently they decided which one will take care of Hasso. Very considerate.
After lunch, he had to test run if Claire is worth to be a keeper. Her tits were full but softly sagging. What she lacked on body perfection, she immediately made good on performance. From the moment she got naked out of the shower, she never put on her panties again all the day and night. They fucked in the bed, in the shower, on the terrace, during sunset, in the pool at night. Once he was limping Clarissa blow him back to strength and swallowed the cum with a slurping sound. She also did guide him into the dark side and enjoyed that ride …. She was an insatiable bitch and Hasso was just taking it as much as he could manage.
Next morning he woke up with a strange feeling in his mouth: his tongue was hurting from licking all the brush haired snatches the past 6 nights. How to heal an inflammation of the tongue?

He also did run out of cash – and the hotel didn’t accept cards. He had no other choice then to go back to Diego. An exchange of a 30.000 MGA cadeaux against Claire’s e mail address…and off he was on his scooter.

Scooter Brousse
The typical public transport in Madagascar is by taxi brousse: that can be an old Peugeot or a very old truck or bus – as long as it moves and has some space to get on. Those taxis don’t follow any schedule. If someone wants to go to town, just wait along the road. At one time a taxi brousse will appear, be it in 1 hour or 3 hours.
Nadia was sitting under a tree in the shade. Hasso stopped and asked her if she wants to get a ride. Only when she got up to jump on his bike, he realized that she is tall but quite young. Riding back to town with his prey on the back, he drove quite careful and asked her to hold on to him. At the same time he was pulling one of his hands back feeling her small perky tits under the tee shirt.
‘Oh la la..” was the only comment Nadia made.
Sometimes in life it is not necessary to talk much. Just do it. Hasso drove straight to the Hotel Jardin Exotique. He didn’t want to face Gay Boy again at hotel Emeraude where he was before. He checked in, got the key and walked to his room with Nadia in tow – needless.
The bed was nicely decorated with flower petals strewn everywhere and a heavy scent from some perfume was in the air. A honeymoon suite can not be decorated better.
“Oh, qui semble tres bien” and with that words Nadia disappeared into the shower. He dropped his pants and followed her. Like little kids they played with the hot water on her bodies, cleaning, touching, and arousing each other. Nadia knew what she is doing. They spent the afternoon on this honeymoon bed. Once Nadia got ready to leave for her real destination in town, Hasso was careful asking how much she would like to get as a cadeaux.
“Cinq  a mille”
Shit, again this 50.000 word? He pulled out his hand phone and carefully keyed in “.5.000” Nadia nodded with her head. She didn’t mean cinquante 50, but cinq 5 only. He gave her 10.000 for that memorable time, worth any penny. And he was asking her for her phone number to call her again at night. What he actually did: his first returnee…..
The Surprise
Diego town was not really for Hasso. He felt bored. People were on the road in the morning only. There was nothing much to do for him at daytime except reading on the terrace of the hotel with a beer on the side, overlooking Diego bay. Yes, one time he whistled at a girl down there walking on the road – and 5 minutes later she was at the hotel entrance and 5 minutes later he shagged her in the cool abode of his room. Most of the girls in doable age are on the game.
Nightlife was at one bar only. The pickings were slim. Many of the girls were not to Hasso’s taste and the real pretty ones had a resident companion already. Nuevo Disco only opened after midnight. Much too late for him. That’s why he cut short his stay in Diego and took an earlier flight back to Tana.
“Suzanna, I will arrive in Tana today. Can we meet for dinner?”
He was changing mails with Suzanna since 3 months. She is a student for law. Her picture was showing a seriously looking young lady. In her letters she was making a very well educated impression. She actually offered Hasso to stay in her house to save money on the hotel. But when he asked if he then will sleep in the same room with her, her response was a clear: “Non, vous aurez votre chambre..”
The Sakamanga restaurant is a perfect place for a rendezvous. It leaves all options open. Hasso got a place at the window, facing the road. On time, a SUV stopped and a lady in a yellow dress on high heels stepped out. Ohh Suzanna… she looked stunning, different from the pictures she sent before. The usual kissing ceremony and both settled for the menu. Suzanna’s English was very fragmented. The conversation started slow. But Suzanna kept her happy smile all the while going and was trying hard to understand Hasso's funny pronunciation. It was a perfect dinner – rendezvous.
All the while her driver was waiting outside. After dinner, Hasso as true gentlemen was kissing her good bye at the car but confirmed to see her tomorrow afternoon at his hotel. Suzanna was waving through the window until out of sight.
9:00 was even too early for Hasso to hit the pillow. He headed for the Glacier Disco as fall-back position. It took him half an hour and a beer later to get back to his room with a black nubile beauty in tow.

Next afternoon, the first Suzanna did when entering Hasso’s room was a deep tongue twisting kiss:
“Ohh mon coer, je t’aime…”
The second thing was to get out of her tight top and hugging jeans, checking with her free hand Hasso’s family pearls. Just 5 minutes after she stepped into the room, both were naked on the bed and exploring their bodies. Hasso knew he did play it right: sending her back home the evening before. ThatNe action put her on the high level of good girls. Now in the afternoon, she had no restrictions to let it go. And boy, how she did it. be continued
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Also auf Englsich zu lesen ist mir jetzt zu anstrengend und die Google-Übersetzung wird ja nie was mit den speziellen WörternLachen Ich hatte mal ne Hure aus Madagaskar auf Mauritius gefickt. Die war Analphabetin und hatte in ihrem Reisepass mit 3 Kreuzen unterschrieben - ohne Scheiss...Lachen Aber die Mischung der Weiber dort sieht sehr gut aus. Madagascar sollte man sich vornehmen, soll ja auch von der Natur einmalig sein. Wollte auch schon immer mal nach Moçambique, auch ein Geheimtip. Trotzdem danke für die Berichte.

@Pikashu: Du kannst ja mal alles incl. Slang übersetzen. Kriegst auch ein "danke" dafürRot werd

Sarado, der auch noch einen Bericht schreiben mussWeia
Ist doch einfach und verständlich geschrieben.

Stuart, Wink
Hier gehts weiter in den Sueden der Insel:

The hot South
The old Toyota 4 WD was working hard to find its path through the sand. 1 hour already in this hot desert region since they left Tulear airport. Hasso was scolding himself not to take along any water. The wind was drying up the body. And now this: a flat tyre. The driver was unimpressed as if it is a daily occurrence. After another 45 minutes all was settled and the ride could continue.
His cottage at Vovotleo Hotel was small but nicely decorated. Dinner French style served until 10:00. After that the generator will stop. A torch is the most important gadget to bring along. When Hasso was finding his way inland to the night spots, he could just feel the sandy path in the pale light of the half moon.
The disco boom boom was guiding him into the right direction. It was packed, Friday night. Just a few expats, many local guys alone and a bunch of girls: the putes. Hasso settled at the bar. After a while he fancied one tall slim girl. It looked as if she was with some other guys. But once he smiled at her, she immediately stood up and came to him:
“You are alone? Can I join you?”
“Yes, sure. Join me for the night”
“Where you stay?’
At the Vovotelo”
“OK, I come with you”
“20.000 as cadeaux, is it ok?”
Hasso settled with Laila for 30.000 – and from there she was his companion for the night: playful and sweet.
The beach at Manglivy stretches over 40 km, white sand and unpopulated. It is a large lagoon protected by an enormous coral reef with 2 main passes. The reef, 20 minutes out by boat, offers some pristine diving with a great density of life : lion, devils, scorpion fishes, garden eels, morays, striped catfishes, rays, coloured mantis shrimps, razor fishes, thousands of bassets, cardinal fishes and many others species. It was the usual morning activity for Hasso as a retired dive instructor to enjoy 1 dive after breakfast, back to the beach, some lunch and then a good siesta.
Today Hasso decided to skip the siesta but to go on a beach walk. There is always some flotsam to find.
He saw them playing in the shallow water of the lagoon from afar. They had fun. There was laughter when he came closer. Hasso took out his camera.
“A cadeaux, monsieur” little sis was begging.
“…pour fait l amour?”
“hihihi…non avec moi ..mais mon soer .vous voulez?”
Her sister got some mango shaped noono’s. But she was too shy to take off her T shirt here. Aside from this 2 frolicking nymphs Hasso could not see anyone else. He already had a fuck in the jungle, on a surfboard and in the Alps below zero degree. But here in the bush….? The sun will burn his bum red before he could finish the deed.
The group of three went off: Little Sis in front, searching for a place with some shade, Hasso in tow and Older Sis following, clearing the back. Problem with the bush is not only that these are low scrubs but that the ground is full of thorns. Finally Little Sis decided:
and pointed on a grassy triangle under the only tree.
She walked some 20 m away squatting down and watching if there is anyone else coming. From time to time she was looking at Hasso and Old Sis if all is going well. It didn’t need much to get them starting: Hasso was just wearing Bahamas and Old Sis a skirt with no panties. She lied down, pulling up the skirt and showing her soft little bush of pubic hair. Without much foreplay, Hasso found his way into the tight cave. A soft moaning was her reply. They fucked quick and intense. 2 wild animals. The heat of primitive desire was pushing them. Hasso could feel her cramping and shivering when she climaxed. He couldn’t hold on and exploded. Both sweating and breathing heavy. They got up, brushed the leaves, sand and grass from their dress and walked each other into different directions. Hasso could hear some steps from behind. Little Sis:
“Le cadeaux…!”
He handed 5000 MGA in her little hand and off she was, jumping, waving that piece of paper in the air like a trophy. All 3 disappeared into different directions of the meanders of the bush. Wild animals hiding after mating.
Baobab Trees
The Baobab tree is native to Madagascar. Also called Bottle tree, Upside-down tree or Monkey bread tree. The species reach heights of 30 meters and have trunk diameters up to 11 meters. The unique shape makes it the source of many myths. Rafiki, in The Lion King, took his home in a baobab tree.
Hasso wanted to explore the outback’s to see those unique trees. He could join a travel group organized by the resort. But that was not his style. He rented a 400 cc Quad. That are those rough 4 wheel machines where bull riders take their training lessons. It’s a boy’s toy: direct handle bar steering needs muscles to keep it on track. Too much acceleration uphill and the quad-bull will throw off the rider over the back.
Can be fun, Hasso thought. He took off with not very precise directions on where to go. After 20 km zooming along the main road he realized he missed somewhere the turn off. Back to the last cottages a girl was walking out from a hut.
“Ou etes les Baobabs?” he stopped his bull and asked her.
“Ohh, la bas..”
“Allez, avec moi.?”
She climbed on the rattling machine behind him and without hesitation hold him tight. Guiding him on a small little path which he didn’t see before, they drove into the savannah. 20 minutes later Hasso could see a forest of those bottle shaped trees standing out with a clear deep blue sky behind. Stunning nature.
“Look, they got the same shape as my dick” he giggled.
“Really..?” and with that words her hand opening the zipper of his pants, finding the way to Hasso’s dick
“Ohh mon dieu..” stroking that Baobab made Hasso kicking the quad too fast: they almost fell of the riding bull but it didn’t stop her stroking him. Hasso had to stop. The hot brown savannah around, nothing else. He pulled her T shirt up to let her Noono’s come out. Fine pieces of Malagasy culture. She climbed down from the quad just to take off her pants, climbed on again sideways, spreading her legs against the handlebar, ready to get penetrated by a meanwhile enormous Baobab.
The Dwell
Townships don’t have any civilized infrastructure like electricity, paved roads or water pipes. The water for washing, cleaning, cooking, drinking is all taken from a dwell somewhere nearby the village. It’s the gathering point for madams when they do their laundry and chat about latest news. But also for girls to have their bath after school.
With the Quad, Hasso was independent to explore the boonies. In the middle of some grassland off the track he saw a group of girls dancing and having their good time at a dwell. He manoeuvred the Quad through some ditches over the fields. The girls looked at that cowboy amazed. Hasso was to them like ET landed from another planet.
“Alloo..” and they waved back, smiling at him
He pulled out his camera: a bunch of half naked girls dancing is worth a snapshot. The girls didn’t run away but instead started to pose in front of him. Look, I am the prettiest one. No, it’s me! Ohh no, I got the nicest noono s.
Hasso could not understand their chattering in Malagasy. One of the girls came to him with the usual word they all know:
“Cadeaux m sieur…”
Hasso was making signs to them to take off their sarong. Some did, but left it wrapping around the waist. Haggling was starting with Hasso trying to convince them to get all naked. But few of them shyly looked the other way.
“10.000 Ariray” the interpreter explained.
“…oui, pour faire l amour” was Hasso’s naughty response with a big grin on his face.
All giggled and in a hype they discussed which girl shall have the honour to get the reward. Hasso could only guess what they talked about. After a while, one girl dropped her sarong and totally naked, posing in front of him. The girl’s tribunal had decided that this lass had the honour to get fucked by the vahaza to cash in the 10.000 MGA’s. Hasso knew that most of them never saw this bill before and for many it was the family income for a week.
How? Its open grassland. But where s a will there is a bush. 50 m behind him was a small dried up stream where he climbed through on the Quad before. He manoeuvred the tuck tuck back to the ditch and waived the selected elf to come over. The group stayed back with respect but all eyes on them. Elfi put the sarong onto the ground. Both lying down they could hide in the little valley. Elfi was already naked and her hairless snatch was a wonderful feeling to enter. She happily moaned and gyrated, showing Hasso that she is not new to that pleasure. Her perky and firm nonoo’s were wonderful to hold.
“Allez, allez, allez…” and some other shouting he could hear - although in full heat of fucking. In the same situation dogs can get a cramp and stick together for hours.
He raised his head to get a view out of the ditch: a big mama with some basket on her head was waltzing towards the dwell to do her weekly laundry. He could see the other girls running away in all directions. Quickly he pulled up his pants. Elfi squatting down silently. He then stood up and making gestures as if he just finished a pee, sorting back his dick into his pants. Big mama was giving him a smile and continued to the dwell. Hasso bowed down, gave Elfi the promised 10.000 bill. Despite the coitus interruptus, vahazas are not bad in fucking was written on her smiling face.
Hasso strolled to his Quad, waving to Big Mama and slowly drove back to the main path. Turning back he could see the elf walking out of the ditch, tall and proud: “I fucked a vahaza” be continued[/align]
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Und hier der letzte Teil der Hasso-saga:

The Discos
The days passed by and at night the little township of Manglivy got 2 discos as entertainment. They are just 100 m apart on the main drag, perhaps 20 min walking the dark from the beach. Each night one of the discos was packed and the other one empty. Hasso could not figure out why. But it didn’t matter so much as the girls were moving with the pack. Hasso never spent any night alone. It simply was too frightening for him to sleep without a companion in his dark beach hut.

Trading Hand Phone for Hymen
The 2 girls did not really attract Hasso on his usual afternoon walk along the beach. The older one Elisabeth, did address him in English:
“Where do you stay?”
Surprised that she was talking in English, Hasso was happy to answer her. He found out that both are going to an English school and her homework was to practise English with foreigners. Elisabeth offered to spend the evening and yes the night for an English lecture. But even considering her free offer, Hasso was more smitten by her younger sister, Volia.

They talked about her school and how hard life in Mangivly is in general. Money is a problem. Her father is a fisherman. Just now her hand phone got broken and she does not have any means to buy a new one.
“Ohh, I got this Nokia. I will leave tomorrow. Stay with me this night, Volia, and you can keep it” Hasso was throwing the bait.
“No, she can not. She never had a boy before”
“Well, anytime will be the first time.”
The negotiation on hand phone trading against hymen was not coming to a conclusion.
“I will be on my terrace this night. Think about it honey. If you ready, drop by and stay with me”
With that they parted
Hasso did enjoy a grilled Barracuda with a half bottle of white South African Chardonnay. Having dinner at the beach site restaurant was always a feast for him. Sadly it was his last night at Manglivy.. He didn’t expect that Volia will show up but still took his last glass of wine with him to his cottage. There he lied in his hammock, watching the slowly rising moon over the pale beach and dozed off.

A gentle touch on his shoulder woke him up. Volia standing there, ready to get her hand phone. Without much talking they went into the cottage. In the darkness of the room Voila was not moving on. She didn’t want to have a shower. Only sitting on the bedside. After 10 minutes with absolutely no action, Hasso explained to her that he can understand her fears. She shall better go back home and wait until she feels no pressure anymore to get that first time experience. Volia gave him a shy kiss and walked off in the darkness to her hut somewhere out there.
For Hasso it was time to find his companion for the night at the disco for keeping off the monsters of darkness under his mosquito net.
Next morning, his nightie just left 10 minutes ago, Volia knocked at his cottage.
“Hasso, I am ready now”
“But I have to leave in 2 hours. You know I go back today”
“It is ok. I like you” 
2 hours later Hasso walked out from the resort to the waiting Pajero, taking him back the 2 hours to Tulear airport - but without his old Nokia.
Back in Tana it was Suzanna only. It was their last night before Hasso’s flight back. He was watching the time flashing on a radio alarm clock. He was lying with his head in her arms. He turned towards her and could hear Suzanna’s breathing and saw her eyes shut. He stared at the gap in the curtain where the streetlights were flickering across the darkness. He saw Suzanna s blouse hung neatly on the cupboard door. He fell back in a doze with the day breaking around them.
The sad time after the game is the exciting time before the next game.
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Hallo Nasoowas,
ich bin sehr beeindruckt von Deinem Bericht,das will ich auch!
Ist der Text nun wirklich autobiographisch oder Fiktion? Klingt viel zu schön um wahr zu sein. Wenn alles stimmt,habe ich da ein paar Fragen...